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Dennis Rodman Visits With Kim Jong-un…..huh?

rodman and un

Photographs of Dennis Rodman laughing while watching a basketball exhibition in Pyongyang with the North Korea leader Kim Jong-un may be some of the strangest sights in the history of accidental American diplomacy.

Not only did Kim attend the game Thursday and watch alongside Rodman, but he also invited Rodman, three


Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez ‘fighting for his life’


Venezuela’s vice president says Chavez is fighting for his life as he undergoes treatment at a hospital in Caracas.

Venezuela’s vice president has said that President Hugo Chavez is fighting for his life while he continues to undergo treatment more than two months after his latest cancer surgery.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro said on


What Happened to the Haiti Relief Money?


After a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, governments and foundations from around the world pledged more than $9 billion to help get the country back on its feet.

Only a fraction of the money ever made it. And Haiti’s President Michel Martelly says the funds aren’t “showing results.”

Roughly 350,000 people still


Bernanke Policy Causes Fed to Expect $500 Billion Loss


Economists predict that the US Federal Reserve could lose half a trillion dollars in just three years thanks to policies enacted by the central bank under Chairman Ben Bernanke.

A study conducted by investment analysts at New York City’s MSCI Inc. suggests that Mr. Bernanke’s efforts to keep the floundering economy in tact on


Mars Mission Slated for Couple on Jan 5, 2018


It’s a date! Millionaire Dennis Tito to send couple on manned Mars mission on Jan. 5, 2018

An artist’s illustration of the Inspiration Mars Foundation’s spacecraft for a 2018 mission to Mars by a two-person crew. The private Mars mission would be a flyby trip around the Red Planet. (Inspiration Mars Foundation)




Mexican Drug Firing Cannon Seized

drug cannon

‘Marijuana cannon’ used to fire drugs over US border seized in Mexico

Compressed-air gun mounted on truck could throw 13-kilo packets over fence into California

The ‘marijuana cannon’ seized in Mexicali on Tuesday, which uses an old car engine to generate compressed air. Photograph: AP

Police in the


DHS Official Resigns After Hundreds of Deportees Released

deport hearings

The senior Homeland Security Department official in charge of arresting and deporting illegal immigrants announced his retirement the same day the agency said that hundreds of people facing deportation had been released from immigration jails due to looming budget cuts, according to a letter obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press. The


Ragtime: Secret NSA Domestic Spy Program Revealed

nsa code

According to Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady’s new book Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry, the secretive National Security Agency spying programs have become institutionalized, and have grown, since 9/11.

Shane Harris at the Washingtonian read through the book’s account of these sweeping and controversial surveillance programs, conducted under


Whistle Blower Crackdown

President Barack Obama is seeking new rules to allow federal agencies to fire employees without appeal if their work has some tie to national security, a move that advocates for whistle-blowers say may hurt efforts to keep government transparent and free from corruption.

Potentially thousands of positions would be covered and government watchdog


Many Harmful Ingredients Banned Overseas but Allowed in U.S.


More than 3,000 food additives — preservatives, flavorings, colors and other ingredients — are added to foods in the United States.

While each of these substances are legal to use in the US, whether or not they are safe for long-term consumption — by themselves or in combination — is a different story altogether.


Navy Seal Involved in bin Laden Raid to Testify Against Manning


The US government is believed to be preparing to put a Navy Seal on the witness stand to testify that secret files published by WikiLeaks were discovered in Osama bin Laden’s compound.

Prosecutors trying Bradley Manning, the 25-year-old soldier accused of engineering the largest intelligence leak in US history, are seeking to prove that


Town Wants Authority to Disarm Citizens During Emergency

gun sales

A proposed disaster emergency ordinance in Guntersville is causing controversy.

The city council and mayor are considering a new ordinance that gives the city more power.

Mayor Leigh Dollar says it would ensure a quick response in the event of a major disaster, like the April 27, 2011, tornadoes.

But it would also give


UFO: 10 Most Documented

washington ufo

They’ve been where no man has gone before. “Unidentified flying objects,” commonly called UFOs, have fascinated the public since the dawn of the commercial aerospace industry just after the end of World War II.

With the help of our partners at, who compiled a list of the top 10 most documented UFO sightings of


Chinese Official Loses it at Airport (Video)

AIRPORT FREAKOUT!!! A high-ranking official goes nuts at a Chinese airport after he’s told he and his family missed their plane flight. Despite all his rage, he gets away with it. That’s life in China. On this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell shows you all the punches official Yan Linkun can throw in


Rising College Costs Depleting Parent Savings


With rising U.S. college costs and too many options, parents are saving less than they expected for their children’s higher education.

American families are failing to reach their educational goals as short-term budget needs and emergency savings take priority in the household budget, according to “How America Saves for College,” a closely watched study


Jailed Hacker Blasts Government for Flawed Cyber Laws

jeremy hammond hacker

A hacker who is facing charges for his involvement in the extensive breach of security firm Stratfor has penned a jailhouse missive that takes the US federal government to task for a “flawed and corrupt” approach to cyber security.

Jeremy Hammond (aka yohoho, tylerknowsthis, or crediblethreat), was arrested in March 2012 in Chicago and charged


Census Bureau Drops the Term “Negro”


After more than a century, the Census Bureau is dropping its use of the word “Negro” to describe black Americans in surveys.

Instead of the term that came into use during the Jim Crow era of racial segregation, census forms will use the more modern labels “black” or “African-American”.

The change will take effect next


Dairy Industry Pushing for Aspartame in Milk


Two powerful dairy organizations, The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to be added milk and other dairy products without a label.

The FDA currently allows the dairy industry to use “nutritive sweeteners” including


If All Science Were Run Like Marijuana Research, Creationists Would Control Paleontology


In the face of obstacles to marijuana research from both the Drug Enforcement Administration and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology and one-time MacArthur Fellow is calling out the federal government on its obstruction of science.

During an address before a medical marijuana conference


Sequestration: The Ship That Won’t Stop Costing

littoral ship

As sequestration hysteria grips Washington, top uniformed officials at the Pentagon have joined Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in warning that across-the-board spending cuts due to take effect on March 1 will cripple the American military and endanger the effectiveness of soldiers, sailors, and pilots.

General Ray Odierno, the Army’s chief of


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