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Record Number of Reporters Killed in 2012

Marie Colvin

Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin was killed in Syria this year, one of 35 journalists killed in the country in 2012. Photograph: AP

More than 120 journalists and media workers have been killed so far in 2012, with the conflict in Syria making it one of the bloodiest in recent years.

The International


Top 10 Images From NASA in 2012

sun filament

Each and every day the folks over at NASA choose an image to share with the world. Sometimes it reflects current projects at NASA, sometimes it’s scientifically interesting, and sometimes, it’s just pure beauty.

For the second year in a row, we’ve gone through an entire years worth of photos and picked out


Pakistan Orders Closing of Youtube….Again


Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf Saturday ordered the closure of YouTube once again due to failure of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to remove the un-Islamic material from the YouTube.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Saturday had directed Internet service providers and information technology (IT) companies to immediately reopen YouTube, a video sharing website, across Pakistan.


Utah Teachers and Legislature Push for Concealed Carry in Schools


A few US states are considering allowing school teachers to carry weapons, and educators, determined not to allow a repeat of the Newtown massacre, are flocking to training sessions.

Utah Teachers and Legislature Push for concealed carry in school

As gun control advocates try to outlaw military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, gun enthusiasts,


Iceland Jails Bankers for Fraud

jailed bankers iceland

REYKJAVIK – Two former executives at an Icelandic bank which collapsed in the 2008 financial meltdown were sentenced to jail on Friday for fraud which led to a 53 million euro loss, in the first major trial of Icelandic bankers linked to the crisis.

All three of the small North Atlantic


Murderers Request Fertility Treatment to Father Children from Prison

Jail Bars

Four murderers and a convicted drug dealer have asked to be allowed NHS fertility treatment so that they can father a child from behind bars, it was reported last night.

It is feared that legal advice may mean ministers feel obliged to grant the requests because of a previous European court ruling on human


Two Cruise Ships Experience Viral Outbreak

QM2 arrives Port

An unknown illness, suspected of being a norovirus, has sickened 194 passengers and 11 crew members aboard the luxury cruise ship Queen Mary 2, causing vomiting and diarrhea, federal health officials said on Friday.

QM2 arrives at Port

Earlier in the week, 189 passengers and 31 crew members on the Emerald Princess came down


China: Visit Your Parents or get Sued


China has passed a law requiring adult children to visit their elderly parents regularly or risk being sued.

China’s family bonds are being increasingly strained by the rapid pace of development

The law does not specify how frequently such visits should occur, but warns that neglect could risk court action.

Reports suggest a


DNA of Sandy Hook Killer Adam Lanza to be Examined for ‘Evil’ Gene (Video)

The study will be the first one of its kind and will evaluate any genetic evidence for the mass killing of 20 first graders, six members of staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his own mother.

Scientists have been asked to study the DNA of Newtown school killer Adam Lanza to see if has


Obama Orders Pay Raises for Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Members


President Barack Obama issued an executive order to end the pay freeze on federal employees, in effect giving some federal workers a raise. One federal worker now to receive a pay increase is Vice President Joe Biden.

According to disclosure forms, Biden made a cool $225,521 last year. After the


Man Shoots 3 Cops in Police Station then Killed by Police


GLOUCESTER TWP., N.J. – Three officers were shot Friday morning inside the Gloucester Township Police Station, and the suspected shooter has been shot and killed, officials say.

One male officer was shot twice, including once in the abdomen below his bullet-proof vest. He underwent surgery but is now out and reported to be in


Expert Confident “Earth Twin” Will be Discovered in 2013

first alien earth

The first truly Earth-like alien planet is likely to be spotted next year, an epic discovery that would cause humanity to reassess its place in the universe.

While astronomers have found a number of exoplanets over the last few years that share one or two key traits with our


Spider Discovered Creating Decoys of Itself to Foil Predators

spider decoy

A unique spider in the Amazon rain forest was recently spotted using bits of leaves and dead insects to create larger-scale decoy spider shapes in its web, which it uses to ward off predators.

Decoy Spider Created by Smaller spider from Amazon

“I’ve seen a lot of weird things in the Amazon, but this


Secret CIA Security Force (GRS) Emerges After Incidents in Libya and Pakistan

The rapid collapse of a U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya exposed the vulnerabilities of State Department facilities overseas. But the CIA’s ability to fend off a second attack that same night provided a glimpse of a key element in the agency’s defensive arsenal: a secret security force created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.



Putin Preventing Americans from Adopting Russian Children

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he will sign a controversial bill barring Americans from adopting Russian children, while the Kremlin’s children’s rights advocate recommended extending the ban to the rest of the world.

The bill is part of the country’s increasingly confrontational stance with the West and has angered some Russians who


Belgium Prosecuting Scientology as Criminal Organization

scientology europe

Belgium’s federal public prosecutors have decided to prosecute the Church of Scientology in Belgium and several of its high-ranking members. The organisation and several of its members face charges in connection with extortion, fraud, illegal practice of medicine and violations of privacy legislation.

Federal public prosecutors want the church of Scientology to be


Lincoln Ordered Largest Mass Execution in History


Largest Mass Execution in US History: 150 Years Ago

December 26, 1862: thirty-eight Dakota Indians were hanged in Mankato, Minnesota, in the largest mass execution in US history–on orders of President Abraham Lincoln. Their crime: killing 490 white settlers, including women and children, in the Santee Sioux uprising the previous August.

The execution took


Georgia Holds Back on Poor


Georgia’s Hunger Games

Fewer than 4,000 adults in the southern state receive welfare, even as poverty is soaring. How Georgia declared war on its poorest citizens—leaving them to fight for themselves.

When the economy crashed in 2008, millions of Americans lost their jobs. Applications for food stamps soared. So did attendance at emergency


Extraordinary Measures Needed on Debt Limit Says Geithner


Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Wednesday, explaining that the U.S. will hit the statutory debt limit on December 31 unless Congress acts.

Geithner said “extraordinary measures” could give the government $200 billion in leeway that would allow the government to pay its bills until around March.


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