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What Drives Veterans to Suicide


Recent figures indicate that for every soldier killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, 25 veterans commit suicide upon their return to the U.S. That is an astonishing statistic! How can this be?


In 1971, Stanford University conducted a prison experiment to determine what the effects of imprisonment were on a selected group of students.


How Vaccine Law Threatens Parental Rights

Video Link

“THE GREATER GOOD looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today.

The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program.”


How do we Explain the Global Stock Market Rally

market rally

What is behind the global stock market rally? Despite a string of disastrous economic figures, stock markets throughout the world are surging.

In the past year, the US Dow Jones Industrial Average and the British FTSE 250 have each risen by 20 percent, while the German DAX has shot up by 39 percent. The NASDAQ,


Cop Loses Control at Detox Center

A felony assault charge against a man who struck a police officer at the Duluth Detoxification Center last week was dismissed Friday after the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office watched a video of the officer repeatedly striking the man who had lashed out at him from a wheelchair.

A felony assault charge against a man


Hope: Is the end of Monsanto Upon us?

Vote-now-gmo labeling

Is the end of Monsanto within reach? It has certainly been a rough couple of weeks for the mega corporation as the real dangers surrounding GMOs are being brought to the attention of consumers on a global scale like never before. It all started with the monumental French study finding a serious


Ambassador: U.S. Made Preparations for Iranian Attack

“The necessary preparations have been taken to make sure that’s the case,” the envoy added. “I’ll leave it at that rather than address public opinion.”

NEW YORK — Jerusalem and Washington are in sync regarding the Iranian nuclear program, US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro told The Times of Israel on Thursday afternoon, in


Downfall of the U.S.: Will the Lights go out on America?


The soldiers of the global communist conspiracy are on the march. There is tension in the air, a static type of electricity pregnant with meaning to those who can see the malevolent forces lurking beneath the surface.

Some would say this is the most dangerous time in the history of mankind. Over 7 billion


Vatican Declares Papyrus Mentioning “Jesus’ Wife” Fake

papyrus jesus wife

The Vatican on Friday appeared to push back on a recently publicized piece of papyrus that appears to show an early Christian referring to Jesus’ wife, with its newspaper calling the fragment “a fake.”

“Substantial reasons would lead us to conclude that the papyrus is actually a clumsy counterfeit,” the Vatican’s newspaper,


File Sharing Deemed OK for Personal Use in Portugal

Hoping to curb the ever-increasing piracy figures in Portugal, local anti-piracy outfit ACAPOR reported the IP-addresses of 2,000 alleged file-sharers to the Attorney General last year. This week the Portuguese prosecutor came back with a ruling and decided not to go after the individuals connected to the IP-addresses. According to the prosecutor it is not


Re-tweets Considered Illegal Under new Phillippino Law


Black Market Retweets

MANILA, Philippines – Sen. Teofisto Guingona III said Thursday that retweeting and liking a facebook post can now be a reason for a person to be charged with a crime because of the vagueness of the Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2012.

“Without a clear definition of the crime of libel and


Obama Administration Asking Contractors Again, “Don’t Issue Layoff Notices”

“The Obama Administration is cynically trying to skirt the WARN Act to keep the American people in the dark about this looming national security and fiscal crisis,”

The Obama administration issued new guidance intended for defense contractors Friday afternoon, reiterating the administration’s position that the companies should not be issuing layoff notices over


Mini-gun Action From Special Operators in Afghanistan

1080p GoPro footage of a Minigun being used to engage enemy positions by U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan.


Warrantless Social Network Spying in Full Swing

eric holder

Justice Department report shows real-time surveillance targeting social networks and e-mail providers jumped 80 percent from 2010 to 2011. The ACLU says current law doesn’t protect Americans’ privacy.

Federal police are increasingly gaining real-time access to Americans’ social-network accounts — such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter — without obtaining search warrants, newly released documents


Just Released: Drunken Stupor Brought Oil Prices Sky High

oil prices

On June the 30th 2009 oil mysteriously jumped by more than $1.50 a barrel during the night, to reach its highest price in eight months, the kind of swing that is caused by a major geopolitical event.

The amazing, true cause of this price spike has now been released by a Financial Services Authority


Fox News Apologizes for Airing Suicide

fox news chase suicide

A man committed suicide live on Fox News a few minutes ago. FNC had been carrying a car chase in the Phoenix area and when the suspect pulled over, he ran down a dirt road, then stopped, put a gun to his head, and fell to the ground. No other national networks were carrying


Has the U.S. Transformed Into a Police State?

police state

Editors Note: The Answer to this question is not so obvious to many……have you noticed?

“Has the United States become a police state?”

That’s the stark question I was asked at the beginning of a recent radio interview.

Framing the current political climate in these terms is quite blunt, and can be jarring to


Surveillance up 64 Percent Since Obama


Editors Note: Remember, these are just the numbers from the DOJ ONLY

The Justice Department’s use of electronic devices to intercept phone numbers, email addresses and online information has climbed by 64 percent since 2009, according to a study of records released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Government data shows that from 2009


DHS Funding Robot Tuna


No question about it… they’re very good at what they do. But they don’t take well to orders, especially those to carry out inspection work in oily or dangerous environments, or in any kind of harsh environment, for that matter. Still, they’re one of the fastest and most maneuverable creatures on the


Postal Service Expected to Default a Second Time


The U.S. Postal Service will default this week on a $5.6 billion congressionally mandated obligation to pre-fund retiree health benefits, marking the second time in two months the cash-strapped agency has done this.

The Postal Service last month failed to pay $5.5 billion for its


TSA Criminal Busted and Fired for Stealing iPad


This TSA Thug was busted stealing an iPad and denied it, then produced it and blamed it on his wife, and then….he was fired.


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