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Unidentified Virus Dubbed “Heartland” Strikes Missouri

phlebo virus

MISSOURI – Two men in Missouri who became severely ill after sustaining tick bites were found to be infected with a new type of virus, according to a study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Both men were admitted to hospitals after experiencing high fevers, fatigue, diarrhea and loss of appetite.


Bill Gates Paying to Spy on Anti-Vaccine Groups

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation launched the Grand Challenges in Global Health (GCGH) in partnership with the National Institutes of Health in 2003 which, according to the GCGH website, is aimed at “creating new tools that can radically improve health in the developing world.” So far, 45 grants totaling $458 million were awarded


Multiple Fatalities in NJ Supermarket Shooting

Police in New Jersey have reportedly shot and killed a man suspected of being involved in a shootout inside a shopping plaza this morning that left several people dead. Police responded to shots fired inside the Pathmark supermarket on Route 9 in Old Bridge, N.J., just before 4 a.m. There was a confrontation with the


Hunting Zetas: Marines on Guatemalan Safari

marines in Guatemala

marines in Guatemala

The war on drugs just got a whole lot more war-like. Two hundred U.S. Marines have entered Guatemala, on a mission to chase local operatives of the murderous Zeta drug cartel.

The Marines are now encamped after having deployed to Guatemala earlier this month, and have just “kicked off” their share


Innocent Man Jailed Over Fallible DNA Test

taking dna sample

taking dna sample

“There was a knock at the door, in the early hours of the morning, saying I was being arrested for murder. I asked, ‘what evidence have you got?’ and they said they thought it was my DNA.

“I thought ‘I’ll prove I’m not a suspect’ but it didn’t pan out that


China: What if all Your Neighbors Could Ticket You?

chinese parking ticket

chinese parking ticket

Imagine what might happen if civilians were given the power to issue tickets for minor traffic violations and other quality-of-life infractions — and keep 80 percent of the fines.

This month, the city fathers of Shaoyang, a financially struggling city in Hunan Province, decided to boldly embrace such an approach, spurring


Cops Gone Wild: Blatant Abuse by Police, Kicks Downed Man in Throat

Egypt Refuses U.S. Request to Strike Iranian Ship

Egypt’s Navy refused a U.S. request to fire on an Iranian weapons ship heading for violence-torn Syria through the Suez Canal, al-Arabiya reported.

“The Suez Canal is a narrow waterway and it is impossible for military action to take place there,” Mohab Mamish, recently appointed chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and former Egyptian Navy


Lower Production Due to Drought Yields More Money for Farmers

Happy Farmer

Wow, Less Productive equals more money for them, higher prices for us….must be a nice world their living in over there….congratulations on all the cash, if you’ll excuse me I now have to go shopping for my very expensive and toxic GMO filled products.

US farmers are heading for their most profitable year on


Biologic Attack Detection System to be Tested

The federal government Wednesday will begin releasing bacteria at Red Line MBTA stations in Cambridge and Somerville at set times to test sensors designed to detect biological agents that could be released in a terrorist attack.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said in a press release Monday that


Spanish Citizens Drawing Cash at Record Pace

Spanish consumers are pulling their cash out of banks at record levels, according to figures released on Tuesday.

Private sector deposits fell by nearly 5 percent in July to €1.509, the Telegraph reported, citing European Central Bank data, as public confidence in the banking system reached all-time lows amid a worsening economic situation.

The news


Down’s Syndrome Student Shot at Maryland High School

When Robert Gladden allegedly opened fire in the Perry Hall High School cafeteria he critically injured Daniel Borowy, a 17-year-old who suffers from Down’s syndrome.

Trish Smelser, of Baltimore, Md., met Borowy’s mother, Rosemary, at a Down’s syndrome support group when Borowy was 1-year-old. Smelser’s daughter, who is best friends with Borowy and a


Putin Lavishing Himself Like a Pig in Mud


Russian President Vladimir Putin is spending billions of taxpayers’ rubles on 20 luxurious residences, 43 jets and four yachts, a top opposition leader claimed Tuesday.

All heads of state use government property and funds for presentation purposes, but Boris Nemtsov says Putin’s lifestyle is far more lavish than his Western counterparts.

In the report


California: Bill to ban Gay Conversion Therapy Approved

California’s state Assembly approved a bill on Tuesday to prohibit children and teenagers from undergoing a controversial therapy that aims to reverse homosexuality, moving the state closer to becoming the first to impose such a ban.

The 51-21 vote in the Democratic-controlled Assembly marked a major victory for gay rights advocates who say the so-called


China’s First Aircraft Carrier (sort of)

chinese aircraft carrier

File photo shows half-built Chinese-owned aircraft carrier Varyag towed and escorted by a flotilla of tugboats and pilot ships past the Leandros Tower on the Bosphorus Straits in Istanbul

When Japanese activists scrambled ashore on a disputed island chain in the East China Sea this month, one of China’s most hawkish military commentators proposed


Muslim Nations to Call Out Israel on Secretive Nukes


Muslim nations and Israel are heading for a confrontation at a 154-nation nuclear meeting next month over an Arab initiative to criticize Israel’s secretive atomic program.

Documents submitted for that gathering show that Arab nations are seeking Israel’s censure — a move the Jewish state says is a sideshow that deflects attention


Eurozone Crisis Returns, End in Sight, but it’s Gruesome

In June, it seemed as if any day might bring about the collapse of the Greek economy and with it, the entire euro zone and its decade-old currency. Then in July and August, it seemed as if everyone was on vacation. Now they’re back — finance officials and political leaders have been flying


India Supports Internet Censorship


The government over the past week has ordered Internet service providers to block 309 webpages, images and links on sites including Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, news channel ABC of Australia and Qatar-based Al-Jazeera.

The orders were an effort to halt the spread of “hateful” material and rumours that Muslims planned to attack students and workers


Cyborg Tissue Developed, Half Alive Half Electronics


This could be the very start, or, the next hurdle in the path that will eventually lead to widespread trans-humanism.

They beat like real heart cells, but the rat cardiomyocytes in a dish at Harvard University are different in one crucial way. Snaking through them are wires and transistors that spy on each cell’s


Suspects Arrested: Murder, Weapons, Presidential Assassination and Government Overthrow Plot

Update (4:51 p.m.): Isaac Aguigui, the alleged leader of the anarchist militia group, bears a striking resemblance to one “Isaac Aguigui” identified as a 2008 Republican National Convention page by Reuters, as Gawker’s John Cook points out. View the side-by-side comparison of his current mug shot and 2008 RNC photo here.


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