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Cell Providers Storing Text Messages

The cell phone service providers Virgin Mobile and Verizon retain the content of text messages, according to a Justice Department memo obtained by the America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of North Carolina.

Are your text messages being stored or… looked at?

Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, and Virgin Mobile all retain information


The Great Divergence

Although America is in relative terms a very young nation, how is it that despite this relative “newness” the United States has in short order become the wealthiest.

In this 20 minute presentation, Niall Ferguson explains the 6 “killer apps” of prosperity that led to not only the U.S. becoming prosperous but the western world


Instruction: How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

The end of the cold war ushered in the feeling that the threat of a devastating nuclear exchange resulting in mutual assured destruction had diminished significantly. However, today, the threat of the lone, one off nuke attack has skyrocketed due to a tremendous amount of weapons grade nuclear material that has gone missing over the


Execution of Troy Davis

On Sept. 21 at 7 p.m., Troy Anthony Davis was scheduled to die. I was reporting live from outside Georgia’s death row in Jackson, awaiting news about whether the Supreme Court would spare his life.

Davis was sentenced to death for the murder of off-duty Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989. Seven of the


Is Obama’s Birth Certificate Real?

The video below, presented by a youtuber, points out many technical reasons why he believes the presidents (Barack Obama’s) birth certificate is a fake and was manufactured using some type of graphics software. When you look at this presentation and also take into consideration the amount of resistance that was originally given to showing his


Net Neutrality for U.S. Nov. 20

Get ready, America—net neutrality finally comes to the Internet on November 20, 2011.

That’s the plan, at least. The FCC has just filed its final “open Internet” rules (PDF) with the Federal Register, which will publish them tomorrow and make them official. The rules go into effect on November 20, nearly a year


Mexico City Under Siege From Drug Cartels

Mexican Government Under Assault From Drug Cartels, Washington Yawns

Suspected Mexican drug traffickers from the Zetas drug cartel on 20 September drove two trucks to a main avenue in the Mexican Gulf coast city of Boca del Rio in Veracruz state and dumped 35 corpses during rush hour while gunmen stood guard, menacing frightened motorists


Wall Street Inequality March Turns Ugly

Women scream in pain and have their eyes flushed with water after they were sprayed with pepper spray by police on 12th Street near Union Square. Dozens were arrested after a march from the Occupy Wall Street encampment in lower Manhattan. Many of those arrested were trapped in police netting.

Scores of protesters


Completely Autonomous Armed UAV’s “Kill Bots”

Autonomous Kill Bots Continue A Trend An American team has developed software that enables an armed UAV to seek out, identify and attack (with a missile) targets, without any human intervention. While this created some alarming headlines, this capability is nothing new and first appeared during World War II. Work on these robotic weapons has


Fox News Deletes Poll Result After Ron Paul Wins

Ron paul not only won but blew the competition out of the water as noted below in the screen shot from the fox site itself. Could Fox News be any more transparent! Hilariously, the poll, originally located here, is still accessible via Google cache. It’s actually a poll, so the


Activist Post: Popular Alternative News Site Deleted.

Activist Post Deleted! Google Erases Popular Alternative News Source

Editors Note: I have seen no direct evidence, nor does this article cite any source supporting the claim that Google was the responsible party in removing the site i.e, a letter from them to activist post for instance,….. is this just an assumption on the


Speed of Light Broken

D.G Editor Note: I know I know, but take a second and try to have an open but skeptical mind……however I will again say OPEN, let yourself drift outside the mainstream box, yes think outside the box, outside the PARADIGM.

GENEVA — A pillar of physics – that nothing can go faster than the speed


Sheriff Forms Birth Certificate Posse

News – first reported by WND – that for the first time a law enforcement official is investigating the document Obama presented as proof of his birthplace has caught fire in the wider press, prompting questions as to whether this effort will get to the bottom of the story. As WND reported, Arizona’s Maricopa County


China: One Child Policy Horrors Presented to Congress

Editors Comment: So, after this issue is presented to Congress….. a miraculous action will be taken, this issue will be forced by time itself into the past and then the past is where it will stay! I mean really, what do these well intentioned folks think congress is going to do about it?


GM’s OnStar Becomes SpyStar

If you’re the owner of a fairly new General Motors product, you may want to take a close look at the most recent OnStar terms and conditions. As it turns out, the company has altered the parameters under which it can legally collect GPS data on your vehicle.


Cops, Quotas, Corruption and Brutality

A Compilation of Police Corruption

“NYPD Hating” revolves around the corruption of New York City’s police force. Using testimony from NYPD whistle blowers and footage from across the internet, Andre Wilburn compiled a documentary that is interesting to say the least… also looked at is how the “hidden” quota system drives police to


Cops, Corruption and Cartel Ties

Two former law enforcement officials who worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as confidential informants on probes into police corruption have come forward with allegations of drug cartel ties to top cops, judges and elected officials.

Greg Gonzales, a retired sheriff’s deputy, and Wesley Dutton, a former New Mexico livestock investigator, More…

Torture: Rumsfeld Stripped of Immunity

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was stripped of immunity in a case involving the torture of two United States citizens.

Two FBI informants, Donald Vance and Nathan Ertel, were detained and tortured by United States military personnel in Iraq in 2006. They filed suit against Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for


HUGE U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Watch this rare video of the largest US Embassy on earth, ever:


Visit for Breaking News, More…

The Great Cancer Hoax

Cut Poison Burn from Nehst Studios on Vimeo.

In 1971, US President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer; the National Cancer Act was enacted and the national cancer program was born. An impressive $1.6 billion dollars were allocated to the program for the first three


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