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Young American Medal Winner Pisses off Nixon, Circa 1970

Apparently, revealed in the two declassified FBI documents below a “hippie type” girl (as labeled by J. Edgar Hoover) managed to piss off then president Richard Nixon by telling him what she thought about the Vietnam war as he handed her the award.

The documents below clearly show the attitude of the day and the


Obama Releases Strategic Oil Reserve

The U.S. Department of Energy announced June 23 that it would release 30 million barrels of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), the country’s emergency energy storage facility, over the next month.

Obama Speaks At The Department of Energy

The release is being conducted in concert with other developed states of


Chinese Energy Policies Harming Neighbors

China’s omnivorous energy requirements have been attracting increasing attention as of late, as Beijing attempts to secure any and all sources of power for its growing industrial base.


Nowhere is this more noticeable than Beijing’s policies in the South China Sea, where Chinese assertions of sovereignty are unsettling the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia


Web Servers Seized by FBI, Shotgun Method

The F.B.I. seized Web servers in a raid on a data center early Tuesday, causing several Web sites, including those run by the New York publisher Curbed Network, to go offline.

Server rack similar to what the FBI extracated from DigitalOne

The raid happened at 1:15 a.m. at a hosting facility


ICE: Crackdown on Illegals, Criminals

Federal officials announced Tuesday the arrests of more than 2,400 illegal immigrants in a seven-day crackdown targeting those who are convicted criminals.

The operation, called Cross Check, was conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs officials in May, federal officials said in a press release.

“The results of this operation underscore ICE’s ongoing focus on arresting


Stiffer Penalties Considered by lawmakers

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Even before a loosely organized group of hackers broke into the CIA’s and Senate’s public websites, the White House asked for stiffer sentences for breaking into government and private computer networks.

Last month the Obama administration pressed Congress to pass stronger cybersecurity measures, including a doubling of the maximum sentence for potentially


CIA Assets Arrested in Pakistan

The Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) detained several people on Wednesday, June 15, 2011, who cooperated with the CIA leading to the capture of Osama bin Laden. The officials do not know the exact number of informants arrested.

The informants are possibly Pakistani residents who were providing crucial ground information to the CIA that ultimately aided


Insanity: U.S. is Selling and China is Buying

In 2011, America is for sale and the communist Chinese are eager buyers. The Chinese government is using sovereign wealth funds and Chinese state-owned enterprises to buy up economic assets and huge tracts of land all over the United States. Many of our politicians hail all of this “foreign investment” as something that is “good


ATF: Operation Fast and Furious

Washington (CNN) — Kenneth Melson, acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, is expected to resign under pressure, perhaps in the next day or two, in the wake of the controversy over Operation Fast and Furious, two senior federal law enforcement sources said Monday.

In the operation, straw buyers were allowed


Himmlers Daughter Still Active in Nazi Movement

Waving goodbye to her grandchildren, Gudrun Burwitz has the look of a woman ready to live the rest of her days in peace and quiet.

Instead, the 81-year-old daughter of Heinrich Himmler still works at a ruthless pace to keep the Nazi flame alive.

Mrs Burwitz has always nurtured the memory of her


Chemtrail Jet Caught Spraying

So, you don’t believe in chem-trails, are you one of those folks who keep insisting they are just jet exhaust contrails? Well, have a look at this video and put all your doubts to rest once and for all. Unreal: This is a video of an apparent chem-trail spraying, but spraying what, there


NSA to Defend Defense Contractor Networks

The National Security Agency is working with Internet service providers to deploy a new generation of tools to scan e-mail and other digital traffic with the goal of thwarting cyberattacks against defense firms by foreign adversaries, senior defense and industry officials say.

The novel program, which began last month on a voluntary,


Wikileaks Witness Pleads the Fifth

WASHINGTON — A friend of Bradley Manning, the American soldier accused of leaking classified files to WikiLeaks, said he declined to answer questions at a grand jury hearing.

Friend of Manning, David House

Prosecutors, who have not given up bringing charges against the whistle-blower website’s founder Julian Assange, had subpoenaed David House


Israels Undeclared Nuclear Arsenal

Much attention has been placed on Iran and their supposed nuclear weapons program by the United States and Israel.

What isn’t talked about on a regular basis in the corporate controlled media is the fact that Israel has an illegal, undeclared nuclear arsenal.

While many are already aware of the facts regarding the


TSA Extends Beyond Airports

If you’re still living under the delusion that the TSA is just restricted to airports then think again. A joint VIPR “security exercise” involving military personnel has Transportation Security Administration workers covering 5,000 miles and three states, illustrating once again how the TSA is turning into a literal occupying army for domestic repression in America.


Latest Bilderberg Agenda Revealed

Alex Jones and have received inside information regarding the Bilderberg agenda now unfolding in the idyllic Swiss countryside.

According to AFP journalist and legendary Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker’s inside sources, the agenda now under review includes a number of critical issues at the top of the elite’s to-do list. These breakdown as follows:



U.S., U.K. Prepare for Giant Solar Storm

In a stunning announcement, The United States and United Kingdom are likely set to begin “controlled” power cuts in preparation of a giant solar storm.

The announcement by Thomas Bogdan, the director of the US Space Weather Prediction Center, comes a week after a large scale solar flare released a massive amount of


China Plants Listening Devices in Vehicles

For years now Chinese authorities have been installing spying devices on all dual-plate Chinese-Hong Kong vehicles, enabling a vast network of eavesdropping across the archipelago, according to a Hong Kong newspaper.

Internal View of Chinese Vehicle Listening Device

The report in Apple Daily states that the recording devices began being installed as “inspection and


Secret Internet Funded by U.S.

A recurring event in the Arab Spring was the shutting down of the internet by incumbent regimes, acts which were met with such outrage by the global community that they in part led the U.N. to declare internet access a basic human right. The Obama administration is now leading an effort to create a


Bahrain: Opressive Military Tribunals

Thirty three people in Bahrain face military court hearings, despite the lifting of martial law in the country, reports say.

The defendants, including two former lawmakers and a female poet, are accused of trying to topple the government and also face other charges.

The opposition estimates that 400 civilians have been tried in military


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