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France Goes Wild

France Riots Over Pension Reforms While Americans Lose Their Homes in Record Numbers With Hardly any Protest By Mike Whitney, CounterPunch

Thank God for France. While American liberals tremble at the idea of sending an angry email to congress for fear that their name will appear on the State Department’s list of terrorists, French workers


U.K. Urges U.S. to Remove Websites

Britain on Thursday called on the United States to take down websites used by extremists and urged more concerted action to thwart militant threats before resorting to war.

Al Qaeda’s leaders in Pakistan have shown “startling resilience” and their affiliates have both the intent and the capability to strike the West, British Minister of


China Takes Supercomputing Lead

A Chinese scientific research center has built the fastest supercomputer ever made, replacing the United States as maker of the swiftest machine, and giving China bragging rights as a technology superpower.

The computer, known as Tianhe-1A, has 1.4 times the horsepower of the current top computer, which is at a national laboratory in Tennessee, as


Huge Military Expansion on guam

The expansion will include a dock for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, a missile defense system, live-fire training sites and the expansion of the island’s airbase. It will be the largest investment in a military base in the western Pacific since the Second World War, and the biggest spend on naval infrastructure in decades.



Is Reality Real

Holometer Concept via symmetry

Researchers at Fermilab are building a “holometer” so they can disprove everything you thought you knew about the universe. More specifically, they are trying to either prove or disprove the somewhat mind-bending notion that the third dimension doesn’t exist at all, and that the 3-D universe we


Mexican Drug Cartel Leaders Trained at Ft. Bragg

The US military may have inadvertently taught one of Mexico’s most notorious drug cartels advanced military tactics, an al-Jazeera investigation alleges.

In the early 1990s, members of an elite Mexican military squad were trained at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics techniques. Ironically, somewhere between 30 and 200 of the approximately


Documents Reveal U.S. Troops Raped Iraqi Girl

American forces decapitated an Iraqi last year on the order of their higher-up, show recently-exposed US military documents.

The troops operated under the command of an unnamed US major, who had been involved in the rape of an Iraqi female, showed one such document posted on the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

The incident took place after


Fleet of UFO’s Filmed in Pennsylvania

[flashvideo filename= /]

Apparently this video was shot in Pennsylvania somewhere, i wish they guy filming it could have been more descriptive about what he was experiencing, he said they were moving but didn’t say in what direction or how fast, were they maintaining altitude, Although I’m sure the fact that his wife was totally


Unemployment: Have we Reached Great Depression Levels

It is difficult to compare current unemployment with that during the Great Depression. In the Depression, unemployment numbers weren’t tracked very consistently, and the U-3 and U-6 statistics we use today weren’t used back then. And statistical “adjustments” such as the “birth-death model” are being used today that weren’t used in the


Mainstream Media Ignores Changing Orbits

Huge earth changes are taking place at this time. L.A. had a record cool summer and a few days after summer is over, they shoot up to a record high 113 degrees. Parts of Brazil and Bolivia shattered record cold temps and were colder than Antarctica for much of July, killing millions of fish, and


Monsanto Getting Burned

Monsanto, the giant biotechnology agriculture company that created genetically modified corn, soybeans and herbicides, isn’t riding so high this year in the stocks department, as news comes in that its products aren’t working like they’d hoped.

According to the New York Times, weeds are becoming immune to Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, and its latest genetically modified,


Radar Composite

Here is an interesting composite of air traffic around the world sped up over a 24hr period. Besides noticing how many radar hits there are, take a look north of Alaska and the north pole in general, there are some incredibly “fast “movers” up that way.

Note: I suggest clicking on the highest resolution


Vatican Probed for Money Laundering

The Associated Press reported today that the Vatican expressed “astonishment” when an Italian court rejected the release of Vatican bank funds seized by authorities for failing to comply with international money laundering laws.

Prosecutors claim that the $30 million seizure that occurred last month is due to non-disclosure of the transfer destination of


Woman from 1928 Filmed Using Cellphone

[flashvideo filename= /]

George Clark, a film maker from yellow fever productions says he noticed something strange while watching an old behind the scenes look at a Charlie Chaplin movie entitled “The Circus” from 1928.

At the premiere at Manns Chinese Theater in Hollywood, the scene shows a large woman dressed in a large black


Multiple UFO Sightings Near Jupiter

MUFON: UFOs Near Jupiter – 4 Reports Nationwide

The planet Jupiter seen from Earth: Above: NASA – Below: Vanessa Strickler

This morning, there were four separate reports on the MUFON CMS of UFO sightings near or below the planet Jupiter as seen from Earth. I also received two


Flurry of UFO Sightings

If visitors from another world have come to Earth, they are certainly taking in a lot of sights.

First, UFOs were spotted in China, causing several airport closures. Then, last week, “they” moved over Manhattan. Now, we have reports of a nighttime display in El Paso, Texas, and Richmond, Va.

Coincidence? Connection? Misidentifications of not-so-unusual


Could the Federal Reserve Cause a Civil War?

What is the most likely cause today of civil unrest? Immigration. Gay Marriage. Abortion. The Results of Election Day. The Mosque at Ground Zero. Nope.

Try the Federal Reserve. November 3rd is when the Federal Reserve’s next policy committee meeting ends, and if you thought this was just another boring money meeting


Pentagon Asks Media to Omit Leaked Documents

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon on Monday asked media organizations not to publish any classified war files released by the WikiLeaks Web site, as the U.S. braces for the potential disclosure of hundreds of thousands of secret Iraq war documents.

In July, WikiLeaks obtained and released nearly 77,000 classified military reports from Afghanistan. Now, the


France Rocked with Protest

French protests continue to rock France, with marchers throwing Molotov cocktails and blocking fuel supplies.

The strikes have gained intensity as high school students have now joined the ruckus, even conveniently blocking access to their own schools according to the Los Angeles Times. What sacrifice they show.

Police and youth have clashed in


Navy Commander Reveals Roswell Secrets

by Anthony Bragalia

Copyright 2010, InterAmerica, Inc.

One of the most acclaimed Naval scientists in U.S. military history has stated unequivocally that the Roswell crash of 1947 was not of a balloon nor was it a hoax. Based on evidence he had seen in an official capacity, the Commander was instead convinced that the


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