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Webcam Border Patrol

When John Spears gets home from his sales job in New York, he sits down at his computer with a bottle of beer and starts patrolling the US border.

And to do it, he does not need to stir from his sofa.

He is one of tens of thousands of people around the world who


Gaza: World’s Largest Prison

Forty-two years of military occupation and sixteen years of the Oslo Process have made Gaza a smaller place. Already one of the most densely-populated strips of land in the world, its population has grown during this period from less than 360,000 in 1967 to 1.5 million today. Meanwhile, its borders have not only become more


Genetically Modified Corn Found Toxic

A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences demonstrates the toxicity of three genetically modified corn varieties from the American seed company Monsanto, the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (Criigen, based in Caen), which participated in that study, December 11

“For the first time in the world, we’ve proven


China Ready to Execute Brit

Two cousins of a British man facing execution in China have arrived in the country to make a last-ditch appeal to authorities for mercy.

Akmal Shaikh, 53, from London, is due to be executed on 29 December after he was convicted of smuggling heroin.

But relatives Soohail and Nasir Shaikh plan to deliver a plea


Interpol gets Diplomatic Immunity

President Obama has issued an amendment to Executive Order 12425, designating the international law enforcement agency Interpol as a “public international organization,” thus extending diplomatic immunity to the law enforcement group.

The amendment to the Executive Order — which does not need to be put to the senatorial test


Eyesight Restored with Stem Cells

Russell Turnbull from Consett, County Durham lost his sight in a chemical attack on his way home following a night out in Newcastle in 1994.

On his bus journey home he tried to intervene in an altercation between two men which eventually spilled into a fight.

When Turnbull attempted to break up the scuffle,


CIA Connections to Palestinian Torture

Reports that CIA agents may be helping their Palestinian security counterparts to torture prisoners are bad enough. What is more of a concern to me, though, is that Palestinians, for so long holding the moral ground in the struggle for justice in the Holy Land, could actually torture their fellow Palestinians; this concern applies


Rand Corp. Studies Militarized “Stability Police”

The RAND Corporation, one of the most prolific research arms of the Military-Industrial-Homeland Security Complex, has released a study entitled A Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Creating U.S. Capabilities.

See .PDF Report: Here

The SPFOR (to use the


3D Bio-Printer: Printing Organs on Demand

3D Bio-Printer in Action

An engineering firm has developed a 3D bio-printer that could one day be used to create organs on demand for organ replacement surgery. The device is already capable of growing arteries and its creators say that arteries “printed” by the device could be used in heart bypass surgery


Unemployed get Tapped for Cash

While posting impressive profits in the last two quarters – Wells Fargo’s $3.2 billion, Citigroup’s $3 billion and Chase’s $2.7 billion – U.S. banks have figured out a way to squeeze some extra dollars from those who can least afford it, the unemployed. Here’s how it works. In the past two years, states have been


Saudi Warplanes Bombarding Yemen

Royal Saudi air force pilot gives the thumbs up from Nellis AFB. during a Red Flag mission here.

At least 13 civilians have lost their lives in a series of air strikes by Saudi military air planes along the border between Yemen and the oil-rich kingdom, Houthi fighters say.

The Saudi Air


UAV Video Feeds Vulnerable

MQ-1 Predator Operators

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. military depends on an array of drones to snoop on and stalk insurgents. Now it looks as if insurgents are tapping into those same drones’ broadcasts, to see what the flying robot spies see. If true — and widespread — it’s potentially one of


Russia Blames U.S. Forces in Afghanistan for Heroin Rise

The head of Russia’s anti-narcotics federal agency says that British troops in Helmand Province are not doing enough to stem production of the world’s deadliest drug.

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“Sixty percent of all opiates in the world are produced in the area that the British forces are responsible for,” said Viktor Ivanov.

“There were 25


ISP and Telecom State’s Secret Surveillance Machine

Why not follow the money trail…. As the interface between state and private criminality, following the money trail is oxygen and combustible fuel for rooting out corruption in high places: indelible signs left behind like toxic tracks by our sociopathic masters.

After all, there’s nothing quite like exposing an exchange of cold, hard


India Tests new Ballistic Missile


India successfully tested a nuclear-capable ballistic missile from a ship near the east coast on Sunday, a defence official said.

The Dhanush, which has a short range of 350 kilometres (220 miles), is a navy version of the surface-to-surface Prithvi missile and can carry both nuclear and conventional warheads.

The missile


Australia Planning Internet Censorship

Image Cortesy of luvataciousskull

The Federal Government has announced it will proceed with controversial plans to censor the internet after Government-commissioned trials found filtering a blacklist of banned sites was accurate and would not slow down the internet.

But critics, including the online users’ lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Greens


DARPA: Nuclear Powered Spy Insect

This week at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), in Baltimore, Md., Cornell University engineers presented research that shows progress in powering cybernetic organisms with a radioactive fuel source.

Electrical engineering associate professor Amit Lal and graduate student Steven Tin presented a prototype microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) transmitter—an RF-emitting device powered by a radioactive source


Parolee: Scanning for True Intention

Newly found patterns in brain activity can reveal whether someone intends to keep their word.

The finding raises the possibility of using brain scans to determine the true intentions of criminals who are up for early release on parole, according to Thomas Baumgartner of the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

He and his


Leaked Police Memo Reveals Anti-Radicalization Program

In the UK: In an e-mail to community groups, an officer in the West Midlands counter-terrorism unit wrote: “I do hope that you will tell me about persons, of whatever age, you think may have been radicals or be vulnerable to radicals … Evidence suggests that radicalization can take place from the age of 4.”


Blackwater and Cia Collaberated on Raids

Private security guards from Blackwater Worldwide participated in some of the C.I.A.’s most sensitive activities — clandestine raids with agency officers against people suspected of being insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan and the transporting of detainees, according to former company employees and intelligence officials.

The raids against suspects occurred on an almost nightly basis during


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