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Obama Describes Cyber Security Plan

President Obama declared Friday that the country’s disparate efforts to “deter, prevent, detect and defend” against cyberattacks would now be run out of the White House, but he also promised that he would bar the federal government from regular monitoring of “private-sector networks” and the Internet traffic that has become the backbone of American


Scientist Claims Aliens Saved Earth From Tunguska

Apparently Extraterrestrials destroyed the Tunguska meteorite to protect our planet from devastation, stated Russian scientist Yuriy Lavbin about the 100 year old mystery surrounding the massive Siberian explosion. He showed 10 quartz crystals that he found at the place of the meteorite’s crash. Several of the crystals have holes in between, so they


Canadian Border Becomes Militarized

About 50 feet before a car from Canada reaches the border inspection booth, the screenings begin.

A camera snaps your license plate.

An electronic card reader mounted on a yellow post scans your car for the presence of any radio-frequency ID cards inside. If there is an enhanced driver’s license embedded with biometric


DARPA Looks For Ultimate Tracking Ability

Above is a sketch of the Pentagon’s far-out research arm Darpa’s plan to track down and tag “elusive targets” — adversaries who can move, hide and blend in with cluttered environments. And that means more than just next-generation sensors that can penetrate foliage or peer inside “urban canyons.” It means


FCC Claims Warrantless Search Powers

You may not know it, but if you have a wireless router, a cordless phone, remote car-door opener, baby monitor or cellphone in your house, the FCC claims the right to enter your home without a warrant at any time of the day or night in order to inspect it.

That’s the upshot


U.S. Soldiers Armed and Wasted

Certain types of Prescription drugs used by soldiers can prove to be deadly.

Marine Corporal Michael Cataldi woke as he heard a truck rumble past. He opened his eyes, but saw nothing. It was the middle of the night, and he was facedown in the sands of western Iraq. His loaded M16 was


NSA DHS to Cooperate on Cyber Security

National Security Agency (NSA) head Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander announced during his speech at the RSA Conference 2009 that the NSA cannot take on the job of enforcing cyber security alone for the federal government networks. In fact, he wishes to cooperate with the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in the development and


Anti-Terror Training for Boy Scouts

IMPERIAL, Calif. — The gunman, a disgruntled Iraq war veteran, has already taken out two people, one slumped in his desk, the other covered in blood on the floor. The responding officers — eight teenage boys and girls, the youngest 14 — face a tripwire, a thin cloud of poisonous gas and loud


Aerospace Defense Command Conducts Training

The North American Aerospace Defense Command will conduct an exercise over the nation’s capital and its suburbs May 15, Defense Department officials said today.

Exercise Falcon Virgo tests the aerospace defense of the national capital area.

Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon jets, Coast Guard Dolphin choppers and Civil Air Patrol


Biometric Brain Scanning

Distinctive brain patterns could become the latest subject of biometric scanning after EU researchers successfully tested technology to verify ­identities for security checks.

The experiments, which also examined the potential of heart rhythms to authenticate individuals, were conducted under an EU-funded inquiry into biometric systems that could be deployed at airports, borders and


Times Article Exposes Government UFO Involvement

This 1960 times article gives clues to government involvement and knowledge of UFO’s.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 1960—The Air Force has sent its commands a warning to treat sightings of unidentified flying objects as “serious business” directly related to the nation’s defense, it was learned today. An Air Force spokesman confirmed issuance of the


Obama Raises Intelligence Budget

President Obama’s fiscal 2010 budget would fund a major new spy satellite proposal, provide $2 billion in additional funding for Department of Defense surveillance efforts and increase spending on drug-related intelligence programs.

Although most specifics of the intelligence budget are classified, budget documents provide hints of some priorities.

The budget would allocate an unspecified amount


UFO Following Military Jet

This Video was emailed to me anonymously, it appears to show a rounded triangular craft following a military jet, if anyone has seen this video before and knows anything further about it please let us know by using our contact form.

[flashvideo filename= /]

UFO following Jet, Reminiscent of the reports given by allied forces


Record Budget For Black Projects in 2010

The Pentagon wants to spend just over $50 billion on classified programs next year, newly-released Defense Department budget documents reveal. “That’s the largest-ever sum,” according to Aviation Week’s Bill Sweetman, a longtime black-budget seer — a three percent increase over last year’s total.

It makes the Pentagon’s secret


U.K DNA Policy Changed

The British government said it would end the policy of indefinitely storing the DNA of people arrested but then cleared of crimes, following criticism from the European human rights court.

“Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said authorities would wipe out DNA and fingerprint samples of people who are arrested but not convicted of most


Imprisoned in Laos

On the same day a British diplomat and a doctor visited a pregnant British woman being held in a Laos jail, her mother sobbed in an interview, begging for someone to help her daughter.

Samantha Orobator became pregnant in prison, according to a spokeswoman for rights group Reprieve.

Samantha Orobator’s health condition could not


Torpig Zombie Net Uncovered

Security researchers have uncovered one of the most notorious zombie networks, the Torpig botnet, by collecting 70GB of data that was stolen in just 10 days. Torpig bots stole over 8,300 credentials that were used to login to 410 financial institutions. More than 21 percent were PayPal accounts. This brings a total


YouTube Suspends Alex Jones

YouTube just suspended the hugely popular Alex Jones channel that has attracted millions of views and got on popular YouTube lists from what I have heard and now YouTube has suspended an account called TheAlexJonesChannel

To confirm this go to: and see that it has been suspended, unless of


FBI Has Pre-Crime Section

From COINTELPRO to the illegal targeting of antiwar activists and Muslim-Americans, the FBI is America’s premier political police agency. And now, from the folks who brought us Wi-Fi hacking, viral computer spyware and al-Qaeda triple agent Ali Mohamed comes the Bureau’s Department of Precrime!

A chilling new report by the Electronic


Israeli Espionage Case Dropped by U.S.

A case that began four years ago with the tantalizing and volatile premise that officials of a major pro-Israel lobbying organization were illegally trafficking in sensitive national security information collapsed on Friday as prosecutors asked that all charges be withdrawn.

From the beginning, the case against the lobbyists for the More…

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