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Cost Of Remote Control Warfare

A British Reaper drone taxis across a runway in southern Afghanistan. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is about the size of a light aircraft. Circling thousands of feet above the ground for hours at a time, armed with deadly hellfire missiles, it feeds live pictures to the soldiers below. But while those on the ground


Russian Bomber Interception Over Canada

Canadian fighter jets intercepted a Russian bomber near its airspace in the Arctic three days before U.S. President Barack Obama visited Ottawa last week, officials said Friday. Defense Minister Peter MacKay said the bomber never entered Canadian airspace.

“Canadian pilots sent a strong signal they should back off and stay out of our


Military Called to Control Mexican Drug Cartels

Here again we see the uselessness and cost of the war on drugs, it basically causes it’s own problems because of the illegality of drugs themselves, it is a vicious circle that will just continue to go round and round until or if drugs are legalized.

The Justice Department announced Wednesday that authorities had arrested


U.S. Nuclear Materials Gone Missing

Isn’t it funny how this report of missing nuclear material is not treated as “major” news being plastered all over our TV screens? Well, isn’t it?…can someone tell me why? UNBELIEVABLE!

WASHINGTON — A number of U.S. institutions with licenses to hold nuclear material reported to the Energy Department in 2004 that the amount of


U.K. Protests, Spying Government, Greedy Bankers

Today one of Britain’s most senior police officers with responsibility for public order raises the spectre of a ‘summer of rage’, with victims of the increasingly bitter recession taking to the streets in possibly violent protest.

Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan police’s public order branch, warned that law-abiding middle-class individuals who would never


Spy Satellites Spying on Each Other

In a top secret operation, the U.S. Defense Dept. is conducting the first deep space inspection of a crippled U.S. military spacecraft. To do this, it is using sensors on two covert inspection satellites that have been prowling geosynchronous orbit for nearly three years.

An artist’s concept shows a DSP satellite deployed in


Secret Operation in Pakistan Exposed

More than 70 United States military advisers and technical specialists are secretly working in Pakistan to help its armed forces battle Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the country’s lawless tribal areas, American military officials said.

The Americans are mostly Army Special Forces soldiers who are training Pakistani Army and paramilitary troops, providing them with


White House View of Housing Crisis


Washington: Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Fact Sheet The deep contraction in the economy and in the housing market has created devastating consequences for homeowners and communities throughout the country. Millions of responsible families who make their monthly payments and fulfill their


Examining Dangers of Digital Broadcasts

Digital TV transmissions will start operating in the USA very shortly. Many people are worrying about this new technology which has not been tested yet. People in USA will be the Guinea pigs and, what a chance for the industry, there is so much radiation everywhere without DVBT that you will probably see no difference


New Space Plane Gets Cash Infusion

British scientists got a major boost today to help build a new spaceship that can take off from a normal runway and land at the same airport. They won a million-euro grant from the European Space Agency yesterday to help develop engines to power their revolutionary Skylon spaceplane.


Planet Earth’s Orbital Junkyard

The first ever collision between two giant satellites in orbit has created vast clouds of debris, adding to the deadly perils facing future space explorers.

Yes I know how vast it is in space, how much room is up there in low earth orbit, but the more this


U.S. Developing Mind Reading Technology

The use of scanners to read brain signals allowed the researchers to correctly determine which of two images their guinea pigs were looking at 80 per cent of the time. The test is one in a series in which scientists have read minds using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, which are normally used


Ron Paul on the Drug War

Congressman Ron Paul is the most conservative, grandfatherly man to ever be admired by America’s marijuana enthusiasts. On Friday night’s episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, he reminded those who may have been suffering an impaired short-term memory at that late hour why, exactly, they should like him.

Speaking live from Clute, Texas,


Reaper UAV is Creepy “Gorgon Stare” Spy Craft

The award for best — and creepiest — military name of the week? No contest, that’s “Gorgon Stare,” the Air Force’s $150 million project to outfit its latest spy drones with super high-powered cameras.

By next year, 10 Reaper unmanned aircraft should have a Gorgon Stare sensor, which


DARPA, AI and Super Tanks

The U.S. Super Research arm of the Department of Defense is at it again with another psychotic addition to its maniacal wish list of super deadly and undefeatable weapons, namely the self-aware AI robot mega-tank.

Pentagon chiefs have announced that they would like some self-aware computer systems capable of “meta-reasoning” and “introspection”. The


Israeli Mossad Assassinating Nuclear Scientists

Apparently Israel is presently taking another route to confront the Mid-East nuclear threat that it currently faces.

Instead of an overt action like “kill em all” or some other heavy duty military strike on Iran, it is using the hightly secretive Mossad Intelligence agency to access and assassinate key scientists involved in the nuclear weapons


DoD Presses Importance of Tech to Defend Nation

The U.S. Department of defense has a very large interest and need in advanced education and its resulting research and development as demonstrated in this video depicting past victories related to technological advancement [flashvideo filename= /] [ad]

Police get Militarized on your Dime

If prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, then city mayors follow a very close second. In fact, it occurs to me they may be the spiritual offspring of the aforementioned liaisons. Whenever there is loose change or unclaimed dollar bills laying around, mayors can smell them a mile away and if a Sugar Daddy offers


Defense Intelligence Pushes for Neuroscience

A new report from the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council (NRC) argues that the Pentagon should harvest the fruits of neuro scientific research in order to enhance the “war fighting” capabilities of U.S. soldiers while diminishing those of enemy personnel.

The 151-page report issued by a 16-member blue ribbon More…

Chemtrails in Time-lapse

Chemtrails are a highly debated topic, many claim there are obvious differences between chemtrails and typical jet engine exhaust, primarily determined by the length of time a jets trail “lingers” This video was posted by a true believer, someone who is convinced that harmful chemicals are being rained down upon us by the US government


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