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Military Jet Thought to be Forced to Land in Iran

Initial reports by Iranian news agencies brought fears that a US fighter jet had been forced to land after flying into Iran’s airspace. Originally reports flooded out of Iran stating that the aircraft was US Military in nature with military personnel on board. These reports were eventually found to be inaccurate by other


57 mm Mk110 NAVAL GUN

57 mm Mk110 NAVAL GUN – This multi use, medium caliber shipboard weapon fires with deadly accuracy against airborne, surface and shore based targets. Using a digital fire control system, the Mk 110 has a firing rate of 220 rounds per minute and can take out targets over 10 miles away. It is more lethal


Obama Shown Favor in the Press

Apparently, but not surprisingly it is being reported by a media insider that Barack Obama is being heavily favored by the news media in general, including newspaper and television outlets. Many of course call this political control through unfair means, considering that the media is supposed to be unbiased in its reporting and fact gathering,


ISS Catches Worm

A computer virus intrusion aboard the ISS in july has prompted astronauts to updated their anti virus software on all the laptop computers aboard the station. Kelly Humphries NASA representative for the Johnson space center in Houston said Oleg Kononenko, a Russian cosmonaut, was busy updating the anti-virus protection software on the russian


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