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NSA Partially Funds it’s way closer to Quantum Computing

An international team of scientists—including researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory—has succeeded in storing quantum data in an atomic nucleus for nearly two seconds, then retrieving it for processing. Although two seconds is a short period, it is thousands of times longer than reported in previous studies and marks a milestone in quantum computing.


Pentagon Wants Robot Pursuit System

Program: SBIR Topic Num: A08-204 (Army) Title: Multi-Robot Pursuit System Research & Technical Areas: Ground/Sea Vehicles Acquisition Program: Objective: Develop a software and sensor package to enable a team of robots to search for and detect human presence in an indoor environment. Description: There are many research efforts within robotics in path planning, exploration, and


Kiowa Helicopter Project Scrapped After Spending Millions

Today, the Department of Defense notified the Congress and the contractor, Bell Helicopter, that it will not certify the U.S. Army Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) program for continuation.

John Young, undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology and logistics, in consultation with senior Defense and Army officials, has determined that the fundamental cost and


Egyptian Doctor Severely Punished for treatment of Saudi Princess

Egyptian Doctor Raouf Amin languishes in a Saudi jail and is punished with 70 lashes once a week. Cut off from his family in Egypt, the 52-year-old doctor was convicted for prescribing painkillers to a Saudi princess that led to her addiction.

An appeal court judge ruled that Amin will be beaten weekly


Osama bin Laden Writes Book During war on Terrorism

Fighting terrorism necessitates a two-pronged approach: covert action by Special Forces and smart intelligence. Covert action is absolutely central to winning the war on terrorism just as it was the decisive instrument of the Cold War, said a senior U.S. intelligence official. Covert action remains a critical instrument in the war on terror.

And it


Did the U.S. Deliver a Nuclear Strike in Basrah Iraq in 1991

This first video depicts the account of an ex army engineer involved at he time of the alleged nuclear strike on Basrah Iraq in 1991 and describes in detail the weapon used and the reasons he believes such action was taken.

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Take a good look at this


Deep Contingency Plans for Martial Law

If you don’t look at or read anything else within this article PLEASE watch this summary video, it contains a wealth of legitimate documented information in a short time span no matter how unpleasant or disturbing this information may be it is obviously the truth, the very poingniant truth that may directly effect you if


Pilot Has off day, Breaks Midair Refueling Hose

Here is what happens when a pilot might be having an off day while trying to accomplish midair refueling. You can see all his “top gun” friends waiting in the background for their turn, which it looks like they may not get a chance to do, but I have a feeling there are contingency plans


Gloom and Doom Predicted for Economy

I found this guy in youtube a couple of months ago. The first video is the first one I watched from him. I didn’t want to post it until it came true. Well, we all know it has. The second video is his new one posted 2 days ago. Take a look. He proved himself


Time Travel Machine or Typical Crackpot

I received a tip from HPI Paranormal Investigator-in-Training, Nancy Towne, she came across a Mr. U, who claims to own a time traveling machine called a Hyper-Dimensional Resonator. This machine which costs roughly $300.00 is able to transport you into time, either in your astral form or physically. I have heard of this machine, that


Coservative Muslim Sets 11yo Girl on Fire for Wearing Lipstick

Girl set ablaze for wearing lipstick An 11yo girl was set on fire by a relative in India’s northern city of Jaipur for wearing lipstick and being “inappropriately dressed”, media reports said.

The girl suffered burns over 90 per cent of her body. Her chances of survival were bleak, police officers told the NDTV network


Laser Pointers Get Seriously Strong

A similar incident to this happened in New York City not long ago and they caught the guy, although this laser attack included multiple sources I think it is a situation under the same circumstances as the New York incident, some guy just playing around with his new (powerful)


Recent Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul Comments on Economic Crisis

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has been an opponent of the government’s financial bailout plan from the outset, and he doesn’t like it any better for the recent tweaks. “I don’t think it’s going to do any good whatsoever,” Dr. Paul said.

“The credit markets are starting to loosen up a bit,” Chetry suggested. “Is that


NSA Employees Getting Entertained at Your Expense

Americans inclined to have phone sex on international calls may have an unintendedmenage a trois instead. ABC spoke to two former NSA operatives on the record about their work in the Terrorist Surveillance Program, and let’s just say that they weren’t completely focused on the task at hand. Instead of the narrow surveillance promised


UK Gets a Taste of American Eavesdropping

Plans for a massive expansion of ‘Big Brother’ state surveillance to cover every phone call, email, text message and internet visit in Britain were unveiled yesterday.

UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith claimed that storing details of individuals’ communications was vital to prevent further terrorist atrocities.

Activities which will be subject to snooping for


Is The Bread On Your Table In Danger

The credit crisis is spilling over into the grain industry as international buyers find themselves unable to come up with payment, forcing sellers to shoulder often substantial losses.

Before cargoes can be loaded at port, buyers typically must produce proof they are good for the money. But more deals are falling through as sellers decide


Space Toilet Needs Repair Again

The master bathroom for three astronauts aboard the international space station is on the fritz again, just days before a trio of new spacefliers are due to launch toward the orbiting lab, NASA officials said Friday.

A temporary telemetry glitch also sent the space station into a so-called survival mode earlier yesterday morning, changing


North Korea Removed from Terrorism List

Will miracles never cease, looks like the bush administration is getting soft as it nears closer and closer to the end of it’s reign.

The Bush administration announced on Saturday that it was removing North Korea from a list of state sponsors of terrorism and said the country had agreed to adhere to concessions on


Somali Pirates Give Final Ultimatum

Somali Pirates warn they will blow up their captured Ukranian ship if their ransom demands are not met.

A pirate spokesman told news agencies by satellite telephone that the ransom of $20m (£12m) must be paid by Monday night or the ship would be destroyed.

He said the pirates were ready to die along with


Big Brother Extends Reach in U.K.

A new generation of speed cameras that can track drivers for up to 30 miles and cannot be dodged are being tested by police.

The devices stop motorists evading a ticket by braking suddenly before a camera and then speeding up immediately afterwards. The new cameras could cover whole areas of cities or suburban housing


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