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Flood Victim Attacked by FEMA Inspector

When called to slow down by the victim, the FEMA employee said “I don’t have to slow down, I’m with FEMA!”

Police say a contracted FEMA housing inspector nearly hit a Penford Products employee with his car and then got out of the car slamming the man with a golf club.

Inspector Vincent Koley,


North Pole May Completely Melt This Summer

scientists reveal new evidence of dramatic climate change

It seems unthinkable, but for the first time in human history, ice is on course to disappear entirely from the North Pole this year.

The disappearance of the Arctic sea ice, making it possible to reach the Pole sailing in a boat through open


Incredible Recent Botnet Growth

An announcement from F-Secure warned that malware is growing faster than ever before, while Marshal’s TRACE team claims that the volume of malicious spam in circulation has more than tripled in one week.

Marshal fingered the Srizbi botnet as the chief culprit, currently responsible for 46 percent of all spam sent, helping


RFID Fears and Myths

In an effort to dispel some of the privacy concerns surrounding radio frequency identification technology (RFID), the Information Technology Association of America has issued a white paper covering what the technology is and is not capable of.

The report “RFID Myths and Urban Legends,” available from the ITAA Web site, cites some of the


Expensive Military Practices

Over the Bering Sea in 2006, a B-2A stealth bomber from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri takes on fuel from an Air Force KC-10A tanker from McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey

Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)


Whitehouse Wants Spying Eye on Citizens

On Tuesday, the House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment denying money for the new domestic intelligence operation—cryptically named the “National Applications Office”—until the Homeland Security secretary certifies that any programs undertaken by the center will “comply with all existing laws, including all applicable privacy and civil liberties standards.”

Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat who


Useless Drug War Kills Another

The real question is this: Was a paramilitary style dawn raid the best way to go about serving a drug related search warrant?

Deputy Police Chief David Golt defended the use of the Special Response Team, Pembroke Pines’ version of SWAT, to carry out the 6:30 a.m. raid that left Hodgkiss, 46, dead.


DOJ Biased Hiring Practices

Top candidates were rejected for cherry picked Justice Department jobs two years ago because of their liberal leanings or objections to Bush administration politics, a government report concluded Tuesday.

In one case, a Harvard Law student was passed over after criticizing the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. In another, a Georgetown University


UK’s HMS Astute Submarine

More complex than the space shuttle, and able to circumnavigate the globe without surfacing, the 7,400-ton monster is the largest and deadliest hunter-killer submarine ever built. As long as a football pitch, at 318ft, and as wide as four double- decker buses, HMS Astute is a third longer than any sub which has


Is Barack Obama an Islamic Sympathizer

Conspiracy theories make for interesting novels when the storyline is not so absurd that it can grasp our attention. ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ and ‘Seven Days in May’ are examples of plausible chains of events that captures the reader’s imagination at best-seller level. ‘What if’ has always been the solid grist of fiction.

Get yourself something


Astronomers go Alien Hunting

The project, led by Japanese astronomers, will bring together a dozen or more observatories from all over the country to study one star that researchers see as a potential home to an extraterrestrial civilization.

“Everyone wonders at least once in their lifetime whether space is infinite and whether aliens really do exist,” said Shinya Narusawa,


Telecoms off the Hook

The U.S. House of Representatives has approved legislation that would continue a controversial surveillance program at the U.S. National Security Agency with limited court oversight, while likely ending lawsuits against telecommunications carriers that participated in the program.

The House on Friday voted 293 to 129 to approve a bill that was a compromise between


Death Toll of War Drastically Underestimated

Trusted methods for estimating the death tolls of war typically get underestimated by a factor of three, say researchers who have developed a more accurate method for assessing fatalities.

Accurately estimating the death toll from wars is known to be difficult, and usually depends on a mixture of eyewitness reports and media coverage, a very


Scientists Grow a Working Heart

Medical research is apparently progressing quite nicely according to this video which depicts a heart that has been created from stem cells, it claims that any organ can be made from stem cells and in the future that means nobody will need to use ant-rejection medicine to keep their transplant healthy, because using their own


FYI: Bush Pardons Himself in the Military Commissions Act of 2006

Yes it’s nice to be king or in Bush’s case, President of the United States

I did not know this, but deep in the language of this passed legislation, which is S. 3930 [109th]: Military Commissions Act of 2006 Bush actually pardons himself for any present or future


Smaller Asteroids Potentially Devastating

The asteroid that caused the extensive damage at Tunguska Russia was much smaller than we had thought,” says Sandia principal investigator Mark Boslough of the impact that occurred June 30, 1908. “That such a small object can do this kind of destruction suggests that smaller asteroids are something to consider. Their


Iranian President Claims Assasination Attempt

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday accused the United States of plotting to kidnap and assassinate him during a visit this year to Iraq, state media reported.

The hardline president told a meeting of clerics in the central city of Qom that Iran’s “enemies” planned to kill him when he went to Baghdad in March,


Moon Penetration Missiles

British scientists are hard at work on a new missile.

Weapons come and weapons go, most with little or no fanfare, so the question is what makes this missile special? Maybe it’s the fact that unlike all of its brothers and sisters, its target isn’t a building or a piece of military technology — this


Canadians demanding new 9/11 investigation

New Democratic Party Deputy House Leader Libby Davies delivers a Parliamentary Petition signed by over 500 Canadians demanding a new 9/11 investigation, in Canada’s House of Commons during Routine Proceedings at 1:10 pm on June 10, 2008

Here is the full text of the petition, available to sign at



Seals Drive Boat into Helicopter

In this Video Navy Seals drive their small mission boat inside of a Chinook CH-47 Helicopter while it hovers with its back loading ramp in the water….excellent piloting skills, not to mention very risky, I would imagine that a moderate wave could cause a more than moderate amount of trouble


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