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How to Thwart Security Cameras

This German exhibition is showcasing bright infrared LED devices that overwhelm the CCDs in security cameras, allowing you to move through modern society in relative privacy.

The URA / FILOART developed device promises to the citizens of a more reliable protection against security measures of the state (and other Überwachenden).In addition to monitoring purposes


Spying Heads into Virtual Communities

Be careful who you frag. Having eliminated all terrorism in the real world, the U.S. intelligence community is working to develop software that will detect violent extremists infiltrating World of Warcraft and other massive multiplayer games, according to a data-mining report from the Director of National Intelligence.

The Reynard project will begin by profiling online


‘Doomsday’ seed vault opens in Arctic

LONGYEARBYEN, Norway – A “doomsday” seed vault built to protect millions of food crops from climate change, wars and natural disasters opened Tuesday deep within an Arctic mountain in the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.

“The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is our insurance policy,” Norway’s Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg told delegates


Drug Czar Wants to go Nuts

Gangstas better watch out. Hippies better stock up. The Drug Czar has had enough of the multi-billion dollar marijuana market, so he’s decided to try even harder to stop it:

MEXICO CITY — Marijuana is now the biggest source of income for Mexico’s drug cartels and the U.S. is committed to cracking down harder on


Remembering the NSAKEY

NSA Builds Security Access Into Windows

A careless mistake by Microsoft programmers has shown that special access codes for use by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) have been secretly built into all versions of the Windows operating system.

Computer-security specialists have been aware for two years that unusual features are contained inside a standard


EC-135, Looking Glass

A mark of America’s strategic excellence is its preeminent ability to command, control, and communicate with its nuclear forces. An essential element of that ability is the Airborne Command Post, also called “Looking Glass.”, which was retired from service on 01 October 1998. Its highly-trained crew and staff ensured there was always


Calling the Bush administration’s bluff




To protect America, we need to know who the


Navy SEAL Dies From Parachute Fall

Navy SEAL killed in parachuting accident


U.S. Navy officials said a Virginia Beach, Va.-based special forces service member was killed Wednesday during a parachute jump in Casa Grande.

Authorities said the victim, a Navy SEAL whose name was not released, died after plunging to the ground near one of the holes at the Mission


Pregnancy Bomb

Terrorism Conducted By Women Wearing Loaded Pregnancy Suits

[flashvideo filename= /]The FBI and Department of Homeland Security are warning against a new type of terrorism carried out by women who appear to be pregnant.

It may be the newest wave in suicide attacks: a prosthetic pregnant belly serving as a compartment


Cyber Storm Attack on U.S. Coming this March

The AP described it as a really bad day, but that somewhat understates the magnitude of it all. It, of course, refers to the “Cyber Storm” war game that the US Government held early 2006, in an attempt to gauge the necessary reaction and requisite skills of the games participants.

In the


Internet cables cut Conspiracy theories emerge

Is information warfare to blame for the damage to underwater internet cables that has interrupted internet service to millions of people in India and Egypt, or is it just a series of accidents? When two cables in the Mediterranean were severed last week, it was put down to a mishap with a stray anchor. Now


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