Bathinda, March 9: In an extremely distressing and shocking incident in Punjab, two little children were electrocuted to death allegedly in the name of faith in Bathinda on Wednesday by their father and grandmother.

Reports say that the two kids – a five year old boy and a three year old girl – were made to put hot electric bulbs in their mouths to ‘cure them of evil spirits’. The incident happened in the Kotfatta village near Bathinda in Punjab.

The police were informed by some villagers after which the bodies of the two children – Ranjodh Singh and Inamika – were found. Kulwinder Singh, the father of the children, and Nirmal Kaur, their grandmother have been arrested by the police and are being interrogated.

Reports say that the two wanted to ‘cure’ their children of ‘Sheshnaga’s spirit’ and, therefore, put hot electric bulbs in their mouths, electrocuting them to death. While there were initial reports that a ‘tantrik’ was called to ‘cure’ the kids, the police said that the father and the grandmother themselves took the call to put bulbs in the mouths of the two children. Reports also say that the police stated that the mother of the children was allegedly locked inside a room to avoid hindrance.

Via: india