54 Colombian Girls Allegedly Abused by U.S. Troops Over 4 Year Period


Fifty-four Colombian girls were sexually abused by US troops and military contractors between 2003 and 2007, claims a new report by the country’s reconciliation commission. None of the perpetrators were ever prosecuted because US forces had immunity.

The claims are part of an 800-page report by an independent commission established by the Colombian government


$50 Device Becomes Thorn in N. Korea’s Side


A $50 portable media player is providing many North Koreans a window to the outside world despite the government’s efforts to keep its people isolated – a symbol of change in one of the world’s most repressed societies.

Notel Device

By some estimates, up to half of all urban North Korean households have an


Japan Launches Largest “Carrier” Since WWII

Izumo warship

Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force on Wednesday took delivery of the biggest Japanese warship since World War Two, the Izumo, a helicopter carrier as big as the Imperial Navy aircraft carriers that battled the United States in the Pacific.

Sailors stand on the deck of the Izumo warship as it departs from the


Japanese Engineer Commits Suicide Following Bridge Collapse

bridge engineer

A guilt-ridden Japanese engineer reportedly committed suicide Harakiri-Style after an under-construction bridge collapsed in Turkey.

Kishi Ryoichi, 51, a Japanese engineer committed suicide for the rupture of a rope at an under construction suspension bridge. Twitter

The deceased, identified as 51-year-old Kishi Ryoichi, left behind a suicide note


China’s Increasing Weapons Exports Causing U.S. Security Issue

Click for large image

Chinese-made advanced weapons systems flooding the international market over the next 10 years will cause instability, and make it a lot harder for the US to intervene in other countries, Foreign Policy magazine warned.

Click for large image

FP analyzed the impact of Beijing’s rapidly increasing role in the global arms market in an


Promising “Cure” for Alzheimer’s

Amyloid Plaques

Of the mice that received the treatment, 75 percent got their memories back.

Amyloid Plaques

Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques – structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

If a person has


Putin Admits Consideration of Nuclear Option


“We were ready to do it”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he considered putting the country’s vast nuclear arsenal on alert to prevent outside agents from stopping the Kremlin’s forced annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine last year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin’s admission was aired during a prerecorded documentary called Homeward Bound,


Putin Orders Troops Into Full Combat Readiness

russian bombers

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered troops placed on full combat readiness in snap drills in western Russia, as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu warned the country was facing new threats to its security.

Some 38,000 troops, 41 warships, 15 submarines and 110 aircraft are involved in the exercises, Shoigu said on Monday, according


ISIS Fighters Discovered Dressing as Females to Escape

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on social networks on Thursday, shows young men in underwear being marched barefoot along a desert road before being allegedly executed on Wednesday by Islamic State (IS) militants at an undisclosed location in Syria's Raqa Province. Islamic State fighters have executed more than 160 Syrian soldiers it captured during its storming of the key northern Tabqa air base this week. AFP was unable to verify the location and the date of the video.


IRAQ: In an attempt to flee northern Iraq, Islamic State (IS) fighters have shaved their beards and dressed like women, Iraqi forces claimed.

A series of pictures have emerged, showing men wearing dresses and make-up in a bid to leave behind their lives as IS fighters.

The photographs first


Planner of Westgate Mall Attack Killed in U.S. Drone Strike


Al-Shabab fighter alleged to have planned Westgate Mall attack in 2013 reportedly killed after U.S. drone hits his car.

A US drone strike in Somalia is believed to have killed a senior member of the al-Shabab who allegedly helped plan the 2013 Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, officials said.

Adan Garar and two others are


So Traumatized They Forgot Their Names

boko haram

After years in a Boko Haram camp, the children had forgotten their native language. They couldn’t even remember their names.

Boko Haram, which is led by Abubakar Shekau, shown in a May 2014 file photo, is accused of kidnapping and abusing children.(AP Photo)

They just stared past Christopher Fomunyoh when he tried to


Sweden Makes Move of Desperation to Access Assange

assange worried

Swedish prosecutors have asked for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s approval to question him in London where he is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in a possible breakthrough in a case that has been at an impasse for years, prosecutors said.

Mr. Wikileaks (Julian Assange)

One of Assange’s lawyers said he welcomed the request


Warm Saltwater Ocean Under Ganymede Ice


“A deep ocean under the icy crust of Ganymede opens up further exciting possibilities for life beyond Earth,” says NASA’S Science Mission Directorate, John Grunsfeld.

Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system. In fact, it is larger than the planet Mercury. It is the only one to have a magnetic field, which is


U.S. Sending Small Drones, Armored Humvees to Ukraine


Vice President Joe Biden told Ukraine’s president Wednesday the U.S. will send more aid to the country, which U.S. officials said will include small drones and armored Humvees.

The White House said in a statement that Biden delivered the news in a call to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, while expressing concern that Russian-backed separatists


Secret Service Testing How to Thwart Small Drones

drone quad copter

Mysterious, middle-of-the-night drone flights by the U.S. Secret Service during the next several weeks over parts of Washington — usually off-limits as a strict no-fly zone — are part of secret government testing intended to find ways to interfere with rogue drones or knock them out of the sky, The Associated Press has learned.


New Snowden Documents Reveal NSA World Wide Spy Blanket

five eyes nsa

Latest documents leaked to journalists by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden offer new insight into mysterious ‘domes of Waihopai’ and the global spy network of which they represent only a part.

The Five Eye spy bases around the world.

A new batch of Snowden documents offer an unprecedented look into the close relationship of


Tested: New 30,000 Watt Laser Weapon

naval laser

The engine was destroyed after a weapon called an ‘ATHENA’, short for Advanced Test High Energy Asset, was fired at the vehicle.

This is what a laser can do to a truck from one mile away.

This 30 kilowatt fibre-optic laser was manufactured by US defence company Lockheed Martin.

They say it’s the first


Angry Mob Drags Accused Rapist From Jail Cell, Promptly Beats Him to Death

India Rape Protest

A mob of thousands stormed a jail in the northeastern Indian city of Dimapur, seized a prisoner accused of rape, paraded him through the streets and beat him to death before they could be stopped by police gunfire, a police official said on Friday.

Angry Mob pulls alleged


“Smog” Documentary Blocked by China

china smog

A hard-hitting video investigation into China’s grave air pollution problem has been pulled from mainstream video sites, days after it garnered more than 100 million hits online.

A woman and child wear masks on a polluted day in Beijing on November 26, 2014

“Under the Dome”, an independent documentary produced by former Chinese state


Man Charged with Raping Injured Cow


An Indian man has been arrested for raping an injured cow using coconut oil as lubricant.

Indian man rapes an injured cow using coconut oil as lubricant – (Blue Cross of India)

Muthu, aged between 50 and 55, was seen raping the animal, which was lying injured on a railway track in southern India.


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